Just a twenty year old pop culture junkie from the foggy California coast with slight addiction to knitting and musical theatre.

Current TV Show: Friday Night Lights (Season One)
Current Book: Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
Current Comic Book: Journey Into Mystery (Volume One)
Current Musical: Here Lies Love

@LauraOsnes Remember when we were on @ENews, I almost hurt u, broke my ankle, whistled for dogs w/ my voice & spoke Spanish #MeGustaBroadway (x)

my parents are convinced the guy at the comic book store has a thing for me and keep asking when i want to go back

unacaritafeliz replied to your post: Guess who slept 10 hours last night bu…

I am proud of you.

thnx, gurl <3

Guess who slept 10 hours last night but still took nap after running errands for two hours

bumi being absolutely precious in book 3 premiere (。◕‿◕。)